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✅ Customers who fill in their Rewards Loyalty Progress Card will receive a FREE Nail Refill upon completion. Free refill upon 10th visit at the salon.

✅ First Time Customers who do a Fullset will receive a 5,- guilders discount on total price. Offer not valid on Refills, Kids Mani or Polish Changes. Remember to ask for : New Client Discount. Discount applicable for customers who mention discount coupon upon booking only.

✅ Customers who maintain their nails every 2 weeks will receive special benefits such as greater discounts and priority bookings. 

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Our Nail Services ( Nagels Curacao )

• Acrylic Fullset • Soak Off Gel Fullset • Acrylic Refill • Gel Polish Refill • Nail Repair • Polish Change (Hands and/or Toes) • Feet Gel Polish  • Children Manicure • Nail Art : swarovski crystals, 3D designs, chrome, one stroke technique and more!

Acrylic and Gel Nails

Our acrylic nails are made with high profile products such as Young Nails and CND. Acrylic nails require constant upkeep, and is recommended that you get a refill every 2 weeks. Acrylic nails are not a replacement, but an extension for natural nails. We create these based on the desired lenght of the customer and finish these with beautiful designs according to your desire. Our Soak Off Gels are by OPI and Crystal Nails. Gel Refills are advised every 2 weeks to maintain the sexy and natural look

Gel Fullset (With Nail Extensions) NAF 65

Using Nail Extensions with shape of choice to beautify your hands.

Acrylic Fullset NAF 55

Nail enhancement with Acrylic requires a minimum of 2 hours of your time to achieve perfect looking nails. We do Coffin nails, Stilhetto, Cat/Pointy nails, Square and Round Acrylic extensions. Nail add ons and art are based on the customer's taste. Total time required for the procedure is based on complexity of the design chosen by client. Acrylics are long lasting and safe and is our best seller. 

Dip Powder System (With Nail Extension) NAF 40

Introducing to Dynailsty, the new and advanced technique in the nail industry. The Nail Dip Powder System by Kiara Sky Professional Nails. This dip system looks and is so natural yet it is as long lasting as the acrylic system. 

It does not damage the nail bed thanks to its many advantages. It is non-toxic, odor free, MMA free, high shine, cruelty free, and no UV/LED light required thus cutting time. 3 weeks wear 

Acrylic Refill NAF 40

Nail Maintenance requires a minimum of 1 hour and maximum 2 hours depending on customer's desired technique design.

Gel Polishing NAF 25

We do your gel polish on your natural nailbed for only 25 Guilders if your nailbed has no old gel. In case you come with previous gel nails, we charge 10 Guilders additionally to remove the old gel polish. This would be categorized as regular soak off gel service application whicb cost you 35 Guilders. 

The 25 Guilders gel polish service is for plain nails clients only!

Gel Refill (with Nail Extensions) NAF 45

We advise clients to arrive 25 minutes before nail appointment to prepare the soak off process of the old gel polish. Once polish is soaked off, we require 1 hour of your time to complete the refill. Gel designs are offered based on client's wants.

Dip Powder System (Natural Nails) NAF 35

3 weeks average wear. Non toxic and MMA free. Feels and looks natural.

Dip Powder Refill (With or Without Nail Extension) NAF 35

Infill with dip powder for restoration. 

Feet Gel Polish NAF 20

Long lasting feet polishing up to 3 weeks using quality gel polish by OPI or Crystal Nails. Color of choice

Nail Polishing (Hands or Feet) NAF 15

Nail polishing using regular base coat, double laquer polishing and seal top coat with UV or no UV lamp depending on client's needs. We require 40 minutes of your time as we do a mini manicure before application of polish

Children's Mani NAF 15

Basic manicure and laquer polishing for children under the age of 15. No UV or LED lamps used. No soak off gels used. Nail art stickers are added by choice. 

Nail Add Ons 



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