Ford Escape

For car enthusiasts who follow the American market a bit, the Ford Escape was no stranger when this car was also presented in Europe. After all, the car had been offered on the other side of the lake for 10 years. It was questionable under which brand the car would be offered. After all, the Escape is the result of a partnership with Mazda. The Japanese released the car under the Mazda Tribute name, while Ford also marketed the 2005 model year car under the label of Ford's luxury Mercury division. 

Ford Escape with Free pickup service 
If you rent a car from us for longer than four days, you will be picked up for free at Hato/ Airport if desired. 

Special prices
If you want to rent the car for two weeks or longer, send us a message via our contact form so that we can offer you a nice discount. 

Conditions : Valid driver's license (in possession for at least 1 year); 

Minimum age: 23 years. Extra service options Baby car seat, Airport drop off by taxi 

Ford Escape 
Model: SUV Doors: 5 doors 
Passengers: 5 Baggage: 4 large suitcases 
Transmission: Automatic 
Power steering: Yes 
Air conditioning: Yes 
Min age: 23 years 
Per day € 79